IT Infrastructure Assessment and Health Check

New business technology is constantly being introduced. Without the guidance of dedicated IT staff, it’s challenging for any business to know if they are using the best systems, software solutions and devices to support their business and their employees. And then there’s the matter of information and system security and privacy.

IWS gives companies a clear, honest and expert understanding of the state of their business technology.

We will provide a thorough assessment of the current state of your technology systems and devices to determine how well they are supporting your business needs and identify if there are any problems. Based on our experience, we will provide recommendations on appropriate courses of action and can assist with implementation. The objective of every engagement is to:

  • Identify any existing issues or problems
  • Identify and advise on the appropriate systems and vendors to resolve those issues
  • Provide actionable resolution


We start by providing a complimentary, one hour discovery session after which we can provide an estimate.